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  • High Power EDFA with RF

    High Power EDFA with RF

    High-power 1550nm Fiber Amplifier  With Optical Transmitter (RF All channel Input)

  • Single Port EDFA

    Single Port EDFA

    Our module light pumped laser and Erbium-Doped Fiber is used by the original binding component from USA.
    We have reliable optical light power output stabilizing circuit and laser electrical refrigerator temperature to control the circuit, guaranteed the complete machine optimum performance and the laser long life steady work..
    The microprocessor software have laser condition monitor, digital display fault warning, network management and various function. Once the laser’s operational parameter deviate software establishes permission scope, it will close laser’s power automatically. The red light coruscate, prompt alarm and digitizing tablet will point out fault cause.
    The microprocessor software provide RS-232 and 485 interface used for network management and remote monitoring.
    We adopt 1RU 19” standard engine frame efficient switch power, 90-265V utility power.